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Founder's Vision

In 1994, we were approached by a school in Florida who complained that none of the options on the market for school management software were working. Most programs were either inconvenient or simply impractical…

That’s when PraxiPower was born.

‘Praxi’ is derived from the Greek word for “practical.” Our name serves as a reminder to both ourselves and our customers that we set out to make a practical school management software system. Our founders all have backgrounds in both education and computer programming.

As our vision expanded, we realized that the school management software space was crowded, and we have endeavored to set ourselves apart, not only with our program, but also through our: (1) affordability and (2) excellent service. In 2007, we moved to a cloud-based model.

Since our inception we have made it our mission to incorporate every good idea that we have received over the years from administrators, teachers, school accountants and other staff. Every day we talk with people using other software systems who are frustrated by the amount of time, clicks, and steps it takes to get something done. Our aim is to be the solution to those frustrations in order to make your life easier.

We believe strongly in serving our clients. In fact, we exist to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve so they can be freed up to spend more time and energy doing what they do best: making a difference in the lives of their students.


"Best Student Information System"

"We take the art of programming seriously, and know how to get you the information you need to most efficiently run your school."


Management Solutions

    “I love PraxiSchool. It is easy to use, the layout is wonderful, and the support staff is the best!”

    “The best part of this system is the tech support. It is outstanding.”

    “The software engineer is extremely responsive to the needs of the users.”

    “They go above and beyond to give support to their customers.”

    "Since starting with Praxi in August of 2014, I have had nothing but amazing experiences.”

    “I have used School Minder and ACS/Headmaster. PraxiSchool beats both of these systems hands down.”

    “I have not seen a program like this that does all that PraxiSchool does with the same level of user friendliness. “

    "One of the best features is the customer support we receive."

    “The support system is great . . . if help is needed there are various options.”