The PraxiPower Story

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Who We Are

The practical choice

Our Philosophy

  • DO IT LIVE! Real-time data entry provides real-time system-wide results.
  • DO IT ONCE! Data is entered once and feeds all necessary departments of the database.
  • DO IT PRAXI! Praxi = Practical.

Our Market

PraxiPower provides software to private and public schools, colleges, churches, child-care facilities and more.

Our Training Process

Our cutting-edge setup process provides live, interactive, online training in a proven step-by-step format to ensure that we exceed each client’s expectations. Each customer will be paired with a dedicated team of service specialists that will configure the software, train your staff, and provide ongoing tech support. Our goal is to make sure each tech support contact we receive is answered by someone familiar with your specific environment.

How We Are Different

  • Expert team of developers that is responsive and experienced in the academic and accounting fields
  • Live, interactive online training at your pace
  • Dedicated tech support team
  • Fully customizable reports with virtually unlimited options
  • Administration, Academic, and full Accounting, all in one package
  • Pricing based on enrollment; no tier-level pricing
  • Pricing is extremely affordable and includes all pieces of the system

Our Mission Statement

PraxiPower was established for the purpose of developing, marketing and selling management software targeted to the vertical and specialized markets, i.e. public and private schools, churches, and childcare facilities.

PraxiPower’s uniqueness is in its name. Praxis is the Greek word for ‘practical’.

The user-friendliness, the practical functions, and the use of the latest technology make PraxiPower Software practical and powerful.

The philosophy behind PraxiPower software is ‘Enter once in a live system and everything is automatic after that. Reports, billings, collections, actions—whatever has to happen, the software will cause to happen and will remind the user when use action is required.’